004: Konnected Living with Kohler – with Jason Keller

004: Konnected Living with Kohler – with Jason Keller

“When we innovate, it’s not just in design, it’s not just in the technology—it’s in the installation, it’s in how we service it, as well as the user experience.” — Jason Keller

Welcome to New Home Made Simple, where Cyndie Roche and her team of home building experts make everything about buying and building a new home make sense. Cyndie is a 25-year veteran of the home building and real estate industries. Join us as she breaks down the ins and outs of making sure you get what you want when you build your next home.

On today’s episode, Cyndie talk to Jason Keller, Sr. Channel Manager, KOHLER Faucets Marketing at Kohler Co. Jason is the guru of marketing at Kohler, and he’s worked for Kohler for the majority of his career; bouncing around between different businesses and departments, learning the ins and outs of every aspect of the business. He joins the podcast today to introduce the Kohler Konnect line of smart home products and talk about how consumers can integrate them into their new homes, or add them to their existing homes.

● Kohler’s history: Started in 1873—it’s still a family-owned, family-managed company
● The story of the creation of Kohler’s first bathtub (an enameled horse trough), and selling it for a cow and 14 chickens
● The joys of visiting the towns of Kohler, WI and Sheboygan, WI
● Kohler’s mission—Gracious Living: to extend or enhance the level of gracious living for anyone who encounters their products or services
○ Creating products that cause people to smile
● The Kohler Pillars:
○ Innovation
○ Design
○ Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Practices
○ Health & Wellbeing of the User
● Kohler Businesses: Kitchen & Bath, Power, Decorative Products, Hospitality
● The Kohler Konnect Lab; designing and building technology-integrated home products
● The power of taking complicated ideas and making them simple
● “New KOHLER® Konnect™ Smart Home Products” (The YouTube video played during the episode)
● DTV Digital Showers; set the precise temperature & duration, and have the shower remember the settings
○ Faster and easier to plumb than traditional options
● Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror
● Integrating with Amazon Alexa for voice control
● Introducing Kohler Konnect at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
● Kohler is the first company to offer a total-room smart-plumbing bathroom solution
● A clean, safe interface: no wires, built to handle steam and still be safe
● Saving time without having to sacrifice the experiences we appreciate the most
● Adding an amazing layer of convenience to everyday life
● Tracking water usage with Kohler touchless kitchen faucets
● Filling a glass, coffee pot, or sink via voice command
● Kohler will also offer the same products without Alexa or other voice assistants
● Kohler Smart Home products are also excellent replacement/remodel options
● All products should be available within the next few months, with more to come in the future
● Kohler challenged smart device companies to figure out how their programs could be integrated into Kohler’s products
● Want to register to win free Kohler Smart Home products in our Kohler Giveaway? Stay tuned for news about the upcoming grand opening of the Payne Family Homes NEW DESIGN CENTER. Email, call or text 314-477-1218 for more information.