000: About New Home Made Simple with Cyndie Roche and Danielle Moss

Welcome to New Home Made Simple!

“We know that better information leads to better decisions.” — Cyndie Roche

New Home Made Simple is a podcast where Cyndie Roche and her team of experts make everything about buying and building a new home make sense. Cyndie is a 25-year veteran of the home building and real estate industries. Join us as she breaks down the ins and outs of making sure you get what you want when you build your next home.

On today’s episode, Cyndie sits down with Danielle Moss and they talk about their professional backgrounds, what led them to home building, the shape and structure of the show, and how you can join our fast growing community and get in touch with industry professionals who can help you with any questions you may have.

We discuss:

  • How better information leads to better decisions:
    • As Cyndie’s Dad used to say: “You can’t know whatcha don’t know.”
  • Cyndie’s background in the home building industry: building, lending, buying, and selling new homes. She grew up around homebuilding as the daughter of an electrical contractor and plumber
  • Danielle Moss’ background: The daughter of a carpenter, Danielle’s interior design classes in high school quickly led to working in new home construction
  • How the show works: We talk to industry professionals and they share their wisdom on a particular area of expertise
  • All the channels where you can find our podcast or other awesome insights: video, podcast, blog, website, and our monthly TV segment

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